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Curb China’s Domination of the Amino Acids Market

The U.S. has a robust and competitive amino acids industry, centered in the American heartland – Iowa. Corn is used to produce most supplemental amino acids.

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From Ukraine to China, we need to mitigate vulnerabilities

Former U.S. Senate national security advisor Gregory Kiley explains the importance of securing the U.S. food supply chain from Chinese influence in The Hill.

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Congress Shows Bipartisan Cooperation on China

Former Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY), former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, highlights concerns about Chinese labor practices and the need to secure America’s food supply chain.  

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Three Members of Congress Call for Further Tariffs on Chinese Amino Acids

“Unchallenged Chinese control in our domestic amino acids industry will put our food supply chain at risk,” Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni K. Ernst and Rep. Randy Feenstra write to USTR Katherine Tai.

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The Impact of the Amino Acids Industry on the U.S. Economy

A study by the University of Wisconsin and the Jack Kemp Foundation published by the Social Science Research Network outlines how Chinese domination of the U.S. amino acid market would destroy nearly 30,000 jobs, reduce GDP by $15 billion a year, and reduce tax revenues at the federal, state and local levels by nearly $9 billion over the next ten years.

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China’s Exports Of Amino Acids Threatens A Critical U.S. Market

Economist Ike Brannon writes in Forbes about how China is utilizing its sharp increase in the export of amino acids to the United States as a strategic weapon to manipulate U.S. businesses and policymakers.

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Joe Biden-Xi Jinping Virtual Summit Was Important for Iowa

The stakes are high. China’s domination of our amino acid industry chain would allow Beijing to control a critical component of the U.S. food supply chain. As former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy writes in the Des Moines Register, “It is critical that we do not allow the Chinese to expand their dominance of the amino acids industry.”Read Full Article

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